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Casa Crédito Inmobiliaria was founded in 2007 on the initiative of Mr. Homero Serrano, in response to a growing need of the Ecuadorian community to realize their dream of home ownership.

We have become known for providing the best services in Real Estate Management, Financial Management and Legal Assistance, acquiring a vast experience advising thousands of families in their investment, providing solutions with agility and commercial creativity; With an exclusive and personalized treatment we provide a dynamic based on new ideas.

We have different filters and quality standards to give the best options, reaching a position reflected in the reception and confidence of our customers who value professionalism and choose us when deciding your real estate investment.

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Since its creation, Casa Crédito Inmobiliaria has been tasked with advising its clients on real estate investments, all within a framework of transparency, commitment and integrity, protecting the interests of our clients.


Our vision is to achieve a position as a leading company in the real estate sector throughout Latin America and the United States. Based on priority attention to the financing needs of our clients' properties, and in favor of the development of the entire Latino community, Casa Crédito Inmobiliaria proposes as a goal 2018 to create new alliances that facilitate the realization of business, consolidating and increasing financial activities so that more families realize the dream of their own home!