title Consumer Credits

The Consumer Credit is aimed at covering the needs of personal consumption, acquisition of goods, services or coverage of expenses. This type of loan also used for the creditor, you simply need to have an amount of money available in the short term. Consumer credit can be purchased at many banks or even at sales sites that operate so financially. These places request the most basic information of the individual and do not usually put too many objections to grant affirmations.

The function of optimizing the budget allows the payment of purchases and payment with interest at an interest rate and variable at times. Many consumers use it to purchase durable consumer goods and higher-priced services, such as televisions, stoves, computers, refrigerators, clothing, footwear, cars, home or car repairs, travel, among others; It is also common for many retailers and for impulse purchases. As it is used to consume material goods, it is a loan in which the debtor receives a sum of money in his hands that is not involved in the reintegration to the institution or financial company that granted it, in a payment term and with certain interests depending on the interest rate of the) Generally,the payments are monthly and are paid in 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 or more months; according to the plan, the ability to pay, the amount and the institution.

Keep in mind that the term of a credit must never exceed the foreseeable life of the acquired good. Similarly, a loan aimed at financing vacations should not exceed a few months. The most common type of consumer credit is the one of free investment, through which you obtain funds for any personal need.