title Divorces



Divorce is a legal separation of two spouses. The person making the petition is called the plaintiff and the person who is notified to answer the petition is called the defendant.

What types of divorces are there?

  • By mutual consent, when both spouses agree.
  • Controversial, if one of the spouses does not want to divorce.

How is the process of a divorce?

The interested person has to hire a professional so that he can enter a petition before the corresponding court so that the other spouse is notified and depending on whether or not he agrees with the petition, the court declares the marriage bond dissolved.

What requirements do I need to process a divorce?

  • How long does a divorce process end?
  • The process has an average time of 5 months.

Where can I file for a divorce?

  • Approach our office and request to begin your divorce process, an advisor will guide you to carry out the procedure correctly and safely.
  • Present a valid identification of the applicant.
  • Names and surnames of the defendant.
  • Marriage information.
  • Information of the children, if any.
  • Information of common property, if any.