title General Power


General Power

A general power of attorney or power of attorney is a legal document that is used to give full control over your assets to another person if you can not handle them.

The person who signs a power is called the principal or mandator and the person who receives the mandate is called proxy or agent.

What is a general power used for?

  • Purchase / Sale
  • Property administration.
  • Manage your accounts and banking transactions.
  • Investment of money.
  • Make legal claims.
  • Legal procedures on your behalf.

What requirements do I need to make a general power of attorney?

  • Valid identification of the principal.
  • Name and surname of the agent.
  • Proxy identification number.
  • It is advisable to assign a person of absolute confidence to perform the tasks assigned.

What time of validity has a general power?

A general power of attorney is valid for as long as the principal establishes, by his death or until he voluntarily requests a revocation.

The general power can be used even if the principal does not meet all his physical or mental faculties.

Where can I request a general power of attorney?

Come to our office and ask for your general power of attorney, an advisor will guide you so that you can carry out the procedure correctly and safely.

In what time do they give me a general power?

  • Delivery time within the United States is 24 hours.
  • Delivery time outside the United States is 3 business days.
  • The digital document will be available in 24 hours.