title Travel Authorization


Travel Authorization

The authorization of travel or travel authorization will allow your child, a minor, to travel out of the country without the need of accompanying the parents.

The travel authorization designates who will be the person accompanying the child; This person can be a relative, friend or a travel assistant.

What requirements do you need to make a travel authorization?

  • Valid identification of the father or mother who is going to give the authorization.
  • First and last names of the child who is going to travel.
  • Date of birth of the child.
  • Names and surnames of the person who will accompany the minor.
  • Flight information.

How long is a travel authorization valid?

The travel authorization is only valid for the time the child is going to be out of the country.

Where can I make a travel authorization?

Approach our office with the necessary requirements and an advisor will guide you to carry out the procedure correctly and safely.

In what time do they give me the travel authorization?

The delivery time is immediate.